Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eclipse Day India 2010 - 10 more days to go...

Ankur Sharma and Prakash GR teams up again to offer a feast of eclipse talks in the forthcoming Eclipse Day India 2010. The count down begins with just 10 more days to go.

It was great to see an idea taking shape to a concrete plan over the past few months. The event happens at the cozy Monarch Luxur Hotel, Infantry Road, Bangalore on 23rd of April, 2010. 

The agenda has lot of exciting talks. Even though I am eager to watch all the talks, few of my favourite talks are  'Dependency Injection in e4' by Chetan Kumar Kotha. I had attended Chetan's talk in last year's Eclipse Summit India and was quite impressed. My next pick is 'OSGi Tutorial' by Prakash GR. I try not to miss any talks taken by Prakash GR. Single sourcing with Rich Ajax Platform by Ankur Sharma is my next pick. RAP is a promising technology, but has less number of tutorials. A talk on RAP is a need of the time.    

From the abstract review team, we were concerned about "just one talk on e4". But, e4 1.0 is yet to release and there is enough time to gain the momentum.

As Ankur said, eclipse is getting a lot of love from Bangalore. Its interesting to see how a technology influences the imagination of masses. On Eclipse Day we will have more  insights on how eclipse is used in various firms across the city.


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