Tuesday, December 7, 2010

EMF - An MDSD Approach

Please find the slides for my Eclipse Democamp 2010 Presentation in Bangalore - A quick introduction into MDSD and EMF.

By the way you can find an interesting blog about MDSD at http://modeldrivensoftware.ning.com/profiles/blogs/the-evolution-of-code

Eclipse Consultant and Trainer,

Eclipse Demo Camp 2010 @ Bangalore

Its fun to spend an afternoon with eclipsers. Two weeks back, we had a fantastic Eclipse Democamp in Bangalore. I think this is the biggest eclipse demo camp ever conducted in Bangalore with around 100 attendees turning out for the event.

The demo camp was conducted at SAP Labs campus. We all got a warm welcome from the organizers. I feel the organizers have done a great job with an amazing democamp. The people behind the curtains are Ankur Sharma (Eclipse PDE Co-Lead, IBM), Ashwani Kr Sharma (Committer - EMF Query, SAP) and Saurav Sarker (Committer - EMF Query, SAP) and a handful more people from SAP Labs.

We all got a wonderful set of goodies which includes a cool hat.

Democamp Hat :)

After each demo goodies were distributed to the audience for asking the best question. T-shirts from Eclipse Foundation were distributed to the presenters.

The event started with a keynote from Mr. Harish Porval, VP, TIP Core UI and Modeling Tools, SAP Labs. SAP Labs have got big plans with Eclipse as their development platform.

Harish Porval - Keynote

I gave the first demo on behalf of http://eclipseBible.com.


I demonstrated how EMF can reduce the development time and cost of production of software applications using MDSD concepts.

Madhu Samuel - "EMF - An MDSD Approach"

Saurav Sarkar from EMF Model Query 2 Team at SAP Labs presented EMF Model Query 2. Query 2 helps to search and retrieve data from your emf models. They use an in-built indexing mechanism to make the queries faster. You can find more about Query 2 here.

Saurav Sarkar - EMF Model Query2

Ashok Pon Kumar from IBM presented the Android Toolkit based on Eclipse.

Ashok Pon Kumar - Android Toolkit

Ayushman Jain from IBM presented Xtext with an example of how to create a custom language for Android. There were a few interesting queries from the audience. Its simply amazing to see that from a grammar file how Xtext generates all the other components you need for your custom language (DSL) like parser, editor, navigator, validator, automatic code completion etc..

Ayushman Jain - Xtext

Deepak Azad (JDT UI Committer) from IBM presented EGit. EGit integrates Git with Eclipse. Git is a distributed SCM tool. Deepak first explained about cvs and svn and how life is better with EGit. Unfortunately I missed the photograph of Deepak's talk.

Lakshmi P (SWT Committer) from IBM presented the XWT Designer. XWT Designer is a next generation visual editor for SWT and JFace with XML in the background.

Lakshmi P - XWT Designer

Nayna Jain from IBM presented the embedded http server in Eclipse to create web applications.

Nayna Jain - Embedded Http Server in Eclipse

Overall a fantastic afternoon, well organized. I would like to thank Vel Ganesh from Bosch for helping me with the snaps for this blog. And did I mention about the delicious snacks!!!

Eclipse Trainer and Consultant