Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eclipse Day India 2010 - 8 more days to go...

"Patterns help you learn from other's successes instead of your own failures" 
by Mark Johnson.

8 more days to go for Eclipse Day India 2010. What is more interesting than to talk about myself ;). Today, I would like to brief about my talk in Eclipse Day India 2010 - "Patterns in Eclipse".

My passion is to talk about better programming practices. Seeing well written code is a gift. A talk about writing good code may not go well with the 'Eclipse Plugin Development' theme. Hence I chose the topic 'Patterns in Eclipse'. Design patterns are solutions to recurring programming problems. The 'Gang of Four patterns' are used extensively in the development of eclipse platform. I will brief about some of these patterns, and how they are implemented in eclipse platform. I hope this will motivate the audience,

  • To write cleaner code.
  • To dig deep into the platform
  • Increases interest to explore the platform.
  • Help to absorb some of these patterns to his/her daily development work.
The following patterns will be covered,

  • Singleton Pattern (Accessing Platform and PlatformUI services)
  • Strategy Pattern (Customize a viewer using providers)
  • Observer Pattern (Resource Change Listener, SWT Event Handling)
  • Composite Pattern (During creation of widgets)
  • Proxy, Bridge Patterns (To access the file system)
  • Visitor Pattern (To traverse through the file system)
  • IAdaptible and Adapter Factories 
  • Memento Pattern (Persisting workbench state)
  • Virtual Proxy (Extension point mechanism)
All these patterns will be covered in 1 hour ;). I will flash the food in front and tell  "Hope you had a great lunch". ;) Just kidding!


References - Contributing to Eclipse: Principles, Patterns and Plugins, Head First Design Patterns, Design Patterns for Dummies, Object Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications, Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship.

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  1. Hi Madhu,

    Eagerly awaiting your session.See you at Eclipse day.