Friday, March 19, 2010

When the world changes...

Recently SlashDot reported the amount of information consumed by americans. It says that the americans spend more hours in front of TV than in front of computer....

Guess what happened next?

Google TV

Mitchell Pronschinske writes at Dzone "In an effort to trigger the mass adoption of web-on-television platforms, Google is creating its own TV platform based on the Android OS. Google will work with Intel and Sony to develop Google TV, which will combine television, web apps, web video, and other content on websites. Logitech is in charge of making the keyboard remote control. The final version will use Chrome ported to Android, rather than Android's WebKit browser."

It becomes more interesting in the report from NY Times …

"In addition to the makers of traditional cable and satellite set-top boxes, Cisco Systems and Motorola, many others have entered the game, including Microsoft, Apple, TiVo and start-up companies like Roku and Boxee, which already stream video from Netflix, and other Web sites directly to television sets. Yahoo is also promoting a TV platform that uses small software programs called widgets to use certain Web services. "

Lets imagine that in the future we develop apps by connecting our keyboards to Television. Once the line between computer monitors and television sets blur, the relevance of social media apps will increase again. This will blur the line between work and play hours. Eclipse IDE may integrate more and more social media apps.

In 2015, will Eclipse IDE look like this?


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