Thursday, December 31, 2009

A warm welcome to 2010 with a KISS

As the new decade starts and the old decade fades away, I hope eclipse is taking the right turn with e4!

The quality of software applications depends more on the mindset of the developers, than the technology they adopt. Hence, I hope in the coming decade, the eclipse community can work together to increase the awareness of better coding practises, better UI design, better inter-operating and open systems.

The adoption of standards is gaining importance more than ever. Html 5 and web 2.0 along with the browser wars is speeding up the changes around us.

This decade ends with an accelerated change of technologies and events. This is happening faster than anyone can comprehend. Clouds are up, Oracle rescued the Sun, Java and .Net talks, Microsoft supports open source, modelling gains importance, stock markets fluctuate, money and guns flow faster between continents, tsunamis and tornadoes struck the world, speculates water in the moon… hopes and despairs!

The facts tell that the number one website has the most simple design with a single textbox.

A warm welcome to 2010 and the new decade with a KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid).


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