Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Multitasking - the ability to do multiple tasks at a time. I am lost in the multitask world.

15 years before, every morning my father used to drink his tea while he browse through the newspaper. This is one of the few multitasks he had done in his entire life (I guess).

Today as soon as I wake up, I turn on my laptop, drink my tea, check my email, open planeteclipse, browse through multiple blogs, if there is a delay for a blog to open, I will go back to my email, in between I read the heading in the newspaper, I'll check the twitter account, how about linkedin account, new articles in newscientist.com, then i .... am I nuts? !!!

Bhoom! Information explosion !!!

Scientifically speaking, humans are designed to do only one thing at a time (females are an exception ;) ). Either I have to mutate to the new alpha persona with multitasking ability, or time for me to go back to the fundamentals of time management.

Prioritize, do one thing at a time. "Focus".



  1. You should have a look at that Google Tech talk which is dealing with this kind of "information overload" phenomenon.


  2. Thanks Laurent. I will check that out.