Thursday, May 28, 2009

Startup City

Yesteryears' industrial age taught us to think production as a series of disconnected steps.

Raising captial, acquiring raw materials, recruiting workers, developing product, advertising, selling were all seen as either sequential or as isolated from one another.

In the new information age, the information gained by the sales and marketing people feeds the engineers, whose innovations need to be understood by the financial people, whose ability to raise capital depends on how well satisfied the customers are, which depends on how well scheduled the company's trucks are, which depends in part on employee motivation, which depends on a paycheck plus a sense of achievement, which depends .... et cetera, et cetera

Alvin Toffler in Power Shift (1990)

The ability of the employees to collaborate with multiple domains and technologies will be the key factor of success in the information age of future. Old management models like imposing work on employees with force of fear or money will produce mediocre outputs, or might even fail.

Employee motivation will be the key factor for high productivity.

From last week's Eclipse Community Survey, majority of the feedback were from firms which have 0 - 100 employees. I guess this trend means more startups, small to medium size companies are getting involved in Eclipse and open source.

Apart from very few super big firms like IBM, Nokia, Oracle etc not much companies have well thought about the importance and advantages of moving to open source.


If you have plans to start on your own,
if you are interested to learn about latest technologies,
if you like to watch the young entrepreneurs with the fire to succeed,
if you want to spend a day of worth,
and if you happen to be in bangalore next week,
don't miss this show.

100 startups are showcasing their products. Talks by CEOs from billion rupee firms!

If you are interested, you can register for the show - Startup City @


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